Experiencing Serene Lifestyle With Nature’s Repose

We live in a modern world full with technological advancements in every angle of life. This is particularly true for those who are living in the urban areas where big buildings are rising at a fast race. Almost everything need to be done manually are now easy and almost automatic requiring minimal efforts. Even the food we eat on a daily basis has been taken over by the food industry. Majority of working men and women today rely on fast foods, highly processed foods that requires no cooking at home. We simply eat it, and if requires cooking, minimal to no effort is usually added before having a complete meal.

In addition, lots of us haven’t done any physical activities except for the few who go though the hassle of having to exercise on a daily basis. The minimum requirement… well at least according to the CDC adults should exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Or, some physical fitness experts suggest to have an high-intensity interval workouts for better results requiring only a few minutes of effort that equals hours of doing rigorous predictable workouts.

In every convenience of innovation being developed, there is such thing as a negative effect to us, human. Although, we live in comfort and luxury, still there is a lacking mechanism in ourselves that requires no technology to be unleash, enjoy and reclaim the true meaning of life. This website is about experiences of finding peace at heart, and be able to develop repose of both mind and body that are very significant to a man’s health and wellness.

House In The Woods
House In The Woods

Our Modern Lifestyle Requires Ancient Living Experience

The experience of being still and able to control that stillness for a long time without disruption is an amazing experience. The experience with calmness and peace is such a priceless life experience. Due to the nature of today’s majority way of life in urban life with all the conveniences of modern innovations, most people experience a huge and heavy burden in life. Unfortunately, these burdens are often unnoticeable. For most who are accustomed to such phenomena, it is somewhat normal. However, it is only normal in the eyes of those who do not explore the better way of life.

As a matter of fact, these burdens while mostly unnoticeable, it surely show up in the eyes of someone who know what life is and how life should be as it supposed to be. I can tell this by experience. I was born in the city, although my parents were farmers from rural area who previously lived in the woods but moved to the city to find a greener pasture. Strange isn’t it! Finding a greener pasture in the urban areas, but in reality the best life experience is in the woods. Well, there are exceptions, but when it comes to mind and body wellness, calmness and silence is necessary.

Being born in a noisy city, I though the world was really that noisy and there have been no silence at all, that even during night time sounds of trucks are still roaring in the road. Of course, there is somewhat silence after midnight, but just a few hours after, noise resume.

It was during my 20th birthday when my parents decided to go back to where they lived…in the woods. It was hours of travel by car from the city where we are, and as we get nearer to the place, I notice a sense of calmness. When the car we were on entered a small road with no traffic signs and lights, it was calm. In fact, we left the car windows opened and I can hear and feel the wind blowing to face. It was fresh, amazing feeling and a sense of peace begins to engulf my being. That was my first time in such a calm place.

Way To The Woods
Way To The Woods

The INN In The Woods

Finally, we’ve reached our destination… as small house that have been abandoned for years. Fortunately, it is still in one piece although dusty inside and lots of plants crawl up in the wall. It was kinda creepy at first, but I easily get comfortable with it specially this is the place where my parents get started. Unlike other whom I’ve heard from having vacation in solitude who complaints of being bored, I feel the opposite. I feel serene, and deep connection with nature. My imagination went up high and it was very pleasing that I cannot achieve it on the noisy urban area.

I enjoyed cleaning the house with my parents and my sister. From this moment forward, this house will be well-kept as we promised to ourselves to hangout here at least once a month, or whenever a weekend allows us to. Even my parents told me and my sister we could come here if we want ourselves if we want to rest and experience peaceful environment. In the movies that I’ve watched, usually when in the woods it’s linked with horrors, and/or somewhat negative experience, but here… I feel the opposite. The nearest police outpost is a couple of miles away but they patrol very often, and fortunately, my connection to the web is still alive. Internet connection is available through wireless services, so that’s an amazing thing and a good reason to stay here very often.

Walking In The Woods
Walking In The Woods

Recent Life Blog

Weird and Unrealistic Ideas Starting To Make Sense

I’m almost 30-years old, with a girlfriend whom I invited to come along but wasn’t able to due to some work-related errands. Honestly, when I feel that calmness and peacefulness I realized my body has been succumbed with fat already. Yes, the overweight issue in the urban environment is somewhat very common and often ignored. Right now, while I feel differently happy and at peace, I came to realized I’ve been carrying this extra weight in my belly and all over my body since I was 18 years old. I’m not obese but I can tell you, I’m fat. Pondering at that time, I realize reclaiming my health.

Now, it’s clear to me why there are so many weight loss programs being bombarded online, even magazines and newspapers. But, what really caught my attention lately was about penile health is connected with a man’s overall health. That’s really a big concern for me because I want to get married and have kids, just like my parents. I was reading about penile health tips and most topics end up with penile enhancements. However, digging deeper into the topic while we were at solitary vacation, I find that it is really an indicator of a man’s health and wellness.

In fact, doctors have been encouraging overweight men and women to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight level for better health. On the other hand, doing a something with male penile health like therapy exercises can also help. I’ve been reading Bathmate penis pump article review and it really not only for penile size enlargement purposes, but for penile health therapy, as well. Of course, my priority is to get off these extra weight that I have and maintain a healthier eating regimen.

A Wake-Up Call On Eating Habits

In the city, we were get used to eating packaged foods that are highly processed. In majority of these packaged foods, highlighted health options, which is good. Foods in the city taste amazing and addicting. On the contrary, when we’re our little inn in the woods, we don’t have any packaged foods, but our parents said, we will get our foods their. They were letting us experience what life here, and my first taste of fruits and vegetables. These fruits and veggies were hand-picked by us.

At that time, mangoes were ripening and it was my very first experience picking a mango fruit and by the time it reaches my hand, I eat it. The taste couldn’t be better. Also, with vegetables…. still there are potatoes nearby. I assumed it was wild potatoes, and my dad told me to get one… dug it and cleaned it with my hands and took my first bite. Wow! It was sweet and juicy. Of course, it has a somewhat earthy taste, but delicious. We were enjoying at that moment while having conversation on how to improve our quality of eating when get back to normal life in the city.

Mom said… me and your dad told you to go to the supermarket at fresh produced section. Yet, we didn’t listened and ended up in the packaged food section every time plus the chips and sweets, bottled juices and highly processed snacks with high sodium contents. No wonder me and my sister ended up bulking up. However, it’s not too late and we’re glad our parents were very helpful to us in leading us to a way in shifting a healthy way of lifestyle specially in eating.

Days Ended At The INN In The Woods

Time has come to return to normal life in the city. It was fun being here, and this is not our last time here either. We’ll be back, and next time I’m excited to bring my girlfriend here who also grew up in an urban way of life. The serenity of living here in a remote area is really a great experience. I now realized, even with a good paying and fulfilling job in the city, vacation in solitude is necessary in order to unwind and think about the things that have not making sense, yet once realized, some things are worth doing and opting for that are being ignored before.

This blog is all about experiences living in the woods for a short period of time. Certainly, more to come and even will posting some tips about health and wellness with real-life experiences. This website does not encourage or convince anyone to do what we’re doing, but we just want to share as for sure, there are those who are looking to doing similar things as ours, but need some tips.

Here I’ll be living a video below shows nature… you’ll hear water flowing by the brook, which is very pleasing. It may not hear as good as real sound when you’re physically with nature, but it does offer a great overview on what it’s like with nature, connected and feel its awesomeness. Now, I can related why those Yoga guru like to perform their meditation and Yoga exercises in nature. It’s just plain awesome and empowering.